"Be Love, Spread Love"

How long I've been practicing yoga:

14 years & teaching for 4 years 

My background:

With a background in dance and a degree in psychology, my work is a culmination of everything I love. I'm very passionate about my asana practice, breath work, and living a spiritual lifestyle. I completed my 200 hour intensive training program in Costa Rica and am currently working on my 300 hour program, with plans to obtain my 500 hour with a specialty in yoga therapy and trauma recovery yoga. Teaching, practicing, and studying all over the world, I developed a deeper appreciation and a broader, more eclectic perspective from traveling. I’ve been able to experience my love for yoga in South Africa, Europe, Costa Rica and Mexico and this has a big impact in shaping who I am today.

Why I teach:

I teach because I want my students to know that love is stronger than fear. Releasing judgments and using compassion as my compass helps me stay in alignment. :)

What inspires me:

I'm deeply inspired by the powerful healing process, transformation, and self-discovery yoga offers. It's very rewarding to watch my students grow and be a part of their journey. I also enjoy the sense of community and connection we share.

On my bucket list:

I love to learn and try new things, so Asia and India are on my yoga bucket list.

Monday: Yoga Basics 9am-10am
Wednesday: Yoga Basics 9am-10am
Thursday: Balance 6:15pm-7:15pm
Thursday: Hot Yoga 7:30pm-8:30pm
Friday: Restorative 9:00am-10:00am