"Breathe in Courage, Breathe out Doubt"

How long I've been practicing yoga:

About 4 years & teaching 2+ years.

My background:

I am a 200 hrs. RYT from Yoga Alliance, a 200 hrs. KYT from Raviana, & a 500 hrs. KYT from Raviana (pending). I have also undergone Usui Shiki Rhyo Reiki Training Levels 1 and 2.


Why I teach:

I enjoy teaching yoga especially when I see that “ah ha” moment in the students’ eyes that moment when they realize that they are feeling the benefits of yoga. When the energy in the room changes and everything becomes calm and we all breathe easier.

What inspired me to become a yoga teacher:

I became a Yoga Teacher so that those who took my classes would feel the benefits of the practice physically and mentally that I feel. Yoga makes you feel good about yourself!

Most memorable yoga moment:

Early in my practice, people, family, coworkers and friends started telling me I have changed in a good way. As a person I become move confident, open with my feelings, caring and insightful.

Favorite style of yoga to teach:

My favorite class to teach is a gentle slow yoga, that helps those that think they can’t do yoga. I am really enjoying the Chair Yoga I teach now.

Wednesday: Chair Yoga 1:00pm-2:00pm
Thursday: Chair Yoga 10:30am-11:30am