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Life Yoga is the perfect place to get introduced to this amazing new experience. We encourage both newbies and longtime yogis to try Aerial Yoga! Aerial yoga is just like traditional yoga, but the weight of your body will be supported by a hammock suspended from the ceiling. This will allow you to perform a diverse range of poses you can’t normally do on a traditional yoga mat.

Everyone should try the experience of hanging upside down at least once in their lifetime. Our introductory classes can get you well-versed in basic wraps and poses. Classes end with you lying in Savasana, cocooned in a hammock as you gently swing from side to side. You will walk away feeling Zen!


Mat Poses Become Easier to Master

Been working on your headstand or forearm stand in yoga? Forget kicking up against a wall and consider this: The silk wraps around your body and supports you in certain difficult poses like inversions, giving you the experience of how a pose should feel. Aerial yoga makes more advanced yoga poses accessible to beginner yogis by the support of the sling which can boost confidence in the practice and provide a sense of accomplishment.


It's Zero-Impact

Whether or not you have knee problems, adding low or no-impact workouts is great for you, and aerial classes are exactly that easy on the joints. Aerial yoga is an excellent option for those who want to move their bodies but experience joint issues. Using gravity and suspension, aerial yoga allows you to create space in the body without compressing the joints.

Increases Full-Body Flexibility & Strength

When performing aerial yoga, you are forced to use every muscle which allows movements for everything including ligaments and joints. It strengthens all muscles! The hammock itself allows you to go deeper into the stretches and poses, further enhancing full-body flexibility. Aerial Yoga is also an amazing ab workout because in order to maintain stability throughout the different poses, it's important to keep the abdominal muscles engaged.

Alleviates Back & Neck Pressure

Sitting or standing all day long allows gravity to weigh down the spine but being upside down in certain aerial yoga moves can help lengthen and decompress the spine. The inverting associated with aerial yoga realigns your body, and most specifically, your spine. 

Promotes Circulation

Aerial yoga helps rotate and move ‘stagnant’ blood that is staggered in the body. By encouraging healthy blood circulation, aerial yoga can help fight heart disease and additionally, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.