Kate Photo


For Kate, yoga is an outlet to discover how to enjoy each moment to the fullest and a way to let  go of anything that doesn’t serve you. She is passionate about learning and teaching. Outside of teaching yoga, she is also a school teacher. She loves sharing yoga with her 6th grade students! Her classes allow you to create new ways to deepen the connections within the body and the mind, leaving you feeling mindful and refreshed.



Lisa strongly believes that yoga is for everybody! When she was first introduced to yoga by her parents, she felt apprehensive because of her weight. However, she found that through yoga, she actually released her insecurities and became filled with confidence! Lisa’s classes are filled with humor and inspiration. Whether she is sharing stories or expressing her love for artist Sting, Lisa always finds a way to relate yoga to real life situations.


To Pam, yoga is about being present. She loves creating a spce for people to ease their suffering and increase self acceptance. She has ben practicing yoga for over 20 years! She has a BA in Psychology and has received numerous certificates including her 500 eRYT. She continually refreshes her teaching techniques by attending trainings sucha as YogaFit, YogaMedics, Iyengar, Forrest Yoga, Anusara and Barre. Her playful and encouraging nature helps students find their true edge. Pam also leads our YTT (yoga teacher training) Program. Her passion is to show new teachers how to grow their practice and spread the love of yoga to the world!



Steve found yoga as a way to balance his life. Today’s society pushes fast paced, pressure filled lives and Steve believes yoga is a way to find relief from these pressures. He leads his classes with an explorative nature, while focusing on living in the present moment. His humble and kind personality removes judgement from the classroom and energizes you as you journey through self discovery.


Susan found yoga as a away to heal after her lung randomly collapsed in 2009. Yoga helped her breathe and move again after surgery. Yoga gave her the freedom to live her life without pain. She is proud to share a practice that allows students to feel strong and comfortable within their own body and mind. Susan teaches her classes the same way she likes to practice – playful with strong determination. She uses fun transitions and upbeat themes to inspire students to express themselves creatively. She hopes to give you the opportunity to leave her classes better than you came.